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Ryan, Morton & Imms represent businesses and individuals with federal, state and local tax disputes. With over thirty years experience, Kevin Ryan has worked with Rick Morton to assist clients on many cases.  Kevin and Rick are each licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Tax Courts, and the Federal District Court and Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal tax disputes usually arise at the field agent level.  If not resolved at that level, the dispute proceeds through the Appeals Section and – if necessary – to Federal District Court or Tax Court. It is the firm’s goal to resolve the dispute at the lowest level if a fair result can be reached for the client. However, sometimes it is necessary to be involved in formal court proceedings, and the attorneys at Ryan, Morton & Imms have represented several businesses and individuals at the Federal District Court and Tax Court levels.

Tax cases handled by our attorneys include:

  • Abatement of nearly one million dollars in penalty and associated interest against a company and its principals for failing to pay federal employment taxes for three successive years, as well as abatement of a majority of the state penalty associated with the failure to pay state withholding taxes over the same period
  • Successful settlement on behalf of an auction company against a nearly six figure claim by the state for unpaid sales taxes
  • Resolution of a 100% penalty claim on the eve of federal district court trial
  • Agreement to reduce the valuation of substantial estate real property by 20% below the valuation of the I.R.S. (federal estate tax

Our firm can also assist businesses and individuals in tax planning, and in avoiding tax issues before they arise. Please consider contacting Ryan, Morton & Imms if you are faced with a federal, state, or local tax issue or claim.